5 Things That Will Instantly Improve Your Visitor Experience

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” Those are not our words, but the wise counsel of Will Rogers. We have all had a frustrating visitor experience that left a sour taste in our mouths and made us loathe the thought of a second visit. You could also be taking a risk with your clients if your front desk operations are not streamlined.

Customers today are very unforgiving when it comes to customer experiences, and one cannot downplay the importance of a positive experience. You can give your customer reason to return by implementing these five initiatives:

State-of-the-art visitor management system

New-age visitor management systems are replacing tedious and time-consuming traditional methods with endless paperwork. Farsighted companies are exploiting visitor management systems to streamline the visitor registration process and improve the overall visitor experience. What’s more, a great visitor management system reduces the dependence of customer experience on the receptionist.

On the other hand, the host receives personalized notification immediately after the visitor is signed in, allowing them time to receive their guest. This notification contains identification information and the visitor’s reason for coming.

Pre-Visit management

Visitor experience starts way before a visitor steps into the lobby, and the experience before the visit is equally important. From the comfort of their homes/ offices, potential visitors can use mobile applications to schedule appointments. The app further provides the user with additional information such as directional assistance.

Pre-visit communication also goes a long way in fostering customer relationships. Imagine showing up to a pre-booked appointment only to be told that the host is unavailable. This will certainly affect your brand loyalty. The solution enables you to communicate any changes in appointment well in advance

Engage the visitors

Personalize visitor experience and reduce perceived waiting time by keeping them engaged as they wait. Here are some of the ways your business can achieve this.

Give out refreshments and snacks. Who doesn’t love free snacks

Offer them free, fast wi-fi and wireless charging stations

Provide Magazines or digital tablets. You may also sneak in some subtle marketing.

Make your lobby inviting.

Invest in interior design to make a striking first impression on your visitors. It is not uncommon to see modern businesses using grandiose lobbies with the ‘wow’ factor previously only associated with 5-star hotels. These businesses understand that the lobby reflects on their brand and is an extension of their identity.

Properly utilize warm lighting, colourful decor, live plants and comfortable furniture to make your waiting room inviting and unique. Aesthetics, however, albeit crucial, are not enough when it comes to creating a good lobby experience. An intuitive check-in process is equally important, and this can only be achieved by implementing the right visitor management solution.

Don’t forget the check-out experience.

It is important to prioritize check out just as much as check-in. A visitor management strategy is not complete without the collection of valuable visitor feedback. Visitor management systems may easily integrate feedback collection systems like the Q-SYS CX portal into the visitor management system. Collect real-time feedback with little to no input from the receptionist using QR codes that redirect to the feedback portal.


Technology has and continues to be at the core of revolutionizing visitor experience, and streamlining the end-to-end visitor journey has never been easier. Combine good customer service with game-changing visitor management solutions such as Secuviz to give your visitors an unforgettable experience.