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How It Works

SecuViz works with a 2-factor authentication process that ensures complete security and traceability. When a visitor enters the premises:

In case of frequent visitors, the details can be saved on to the system for easy retrieval. The visitor only needs to provide their mobile or ID number at the entrance desk. The other details will be automatically fetched. This allows quick access and reduces waiting time.

VMS can also be used to manage visitors with prior appointments. The visitor will be given a link to fill in their details at the time of making the appointment. This allows you to create a pass in advance. The visitor will then only need to submit their mobile number and authentication details at the desk, to receive the pass. Self-help kiosks can be installed to further speed up the process.

In addition to managing visitors, VMS can also be used in cases of emergencies. Messages, such as those for evacuation, can be sent to all those within the premises, filtered by location and division. The message will be received in the form of an SMS.

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Getting Started with SecuViz

Based on the type of location, there are different SecuViz VMS modules – the corporate module for company premises, commercial module for larger areas, which see lots of footfall, and a residential module for housing societies and buildings. These consist of varied components that can be integrated for secure visitor movement.

VMS can also be integrated with comprehensive electronic security solutions, such as those available at USS. The visitor management system can be programmed to work in tandem with entrance control systems for a higher level of security at the location.

Before installing VMS, it is important to analyze your existing visitor management procedure to understand how it can be fortified. The SecuViz team will guide you through the process, and help you identify the type of VMS module for your requirements. A customized plan is then created for your facility.

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Installing SecuViz

Prior to installation, a complete analysis is undertaken to check if the proposed system adheres to the policies and regulations of your establishment, and is compatible with the existing system. This ensures a smooth transition from your current system to SecuViz.

The VMS module comes with several components that are linked together. These include encoders, card readers, card and barcode printers (with embedded modules), and credential encoders, among others.

The components are set up at the site by the SecuViz team and integrated into your existing system. Linked over a secure IP, they can also be configured to different languages, for ease of usage.

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Operating SecuViz

SecuViz provides complete training to all your key personnel, regarding the role and operation of all components in the VMS module.

When a visitor enters the premises, they would be directed to the front desk, where the staff member creates the entry pass. The visitor will be required to furnish their mobile number and ID proof. For a repeat visitor, only mobile or ID number will suffice.In case of a prior appointment, the entry pass can be created in advance using details provided by the visitor through an online form.

The host can also choose to have a notification sent to their mobile and email, so they can be prepared to receive the visitor. When the visitor is ready to leave the premises, their information can be delinked, and the pass can be deposited in a drop box.

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At SecuViz, there is no compromise on after-sales service, as we believe in being with you along every step of the journey. Apart from deploying a team for installation of all components at your location, we provide on-site maintenance of all parts to ensure they run smoothly.

In addition, there is a dedicated support center to resolve grievances and handhold users. The same can be reached either through phoneLive Chat,  or Email. Whatever be your issue, we are available to provide solutions, both remotely and on-site. We are also open to your feedback and suggestions on how the system can be improved upon.

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