Addressing Common Front Desk Challenges with Modern Visitor Management System

Many major businesses are unable to offer a premium visitor experience despite having cutting-edge furniture made of the highest grade wood and exceptionally elegant lighting. This is because visitor data is manually handled using antiquated methods like manual visitor logbooks. The front desk is a vital first point of contact for visitors in any establishment, and the importance of implementing an efficient and smart visitor management system is an open secret. However, it’s crucial to comprehend the typical issues of every reception area before implementing any such system at your front office.

Poor First Impressions

Picture your visitor hastily writing their names at the bottom of the lengthy list in an old wrinkly visitor’s book. They most likely have to wait a little longer since the host could have neglected to include them on the list of visitors for the day and they are nowhere to be seen. Your visitor grows increasingly concerned that the minutes are slipping into your meeting, they will probably have to postpone all their afternoon appointments if the meeting runs past time.

This is an unacceptable first impression for any visitor, regardless of your organization’s size. With a VMS, all of your guests can have a positive first impression since the whole process—from check-in to check-out is streamlined, user-friendly, and quick.

Slow Visitor registration Process

People are naturally wary of long lines and tiresome procedures . Even though they may have reserved time to come to your workplace or facility, guests won’t like waiting in line because of a difficult check in procedure. If you use the traditional visitor check-in technique, don’t be shocked if the bulk of the delay is being caused by your paper logbook. The pen-and-paper method takes more time from your guests and burdens your receptionist with redundant tasks. With a sophisticated visitor management system, you can automate and expedite the whole check-in and check-out procedure, meaning there will be no lines, no waiting, and efficient operation. Additionally, with their consent, you may retain some of the personal data of your regular customers, such as delivery staff, to cut down on visitor registration time.

Breach of personal data security

Have you thought about how using a paper based visitor’s book may result in a breach of personal data? How often do you use a manual visitor’s book to sign in and find yourself checking to see who signed in before you? Additionally, after the book is filled, where is the info kept?

You definitely do not want to betray your visitors; trust by exposing their personal information. This is why you need a visitor management system for secure data management for your guests.You may select your own data retention time that complies with your privacy policy, and unauthorized people won’t be able to see the information of earlier visitors. Using an electronic visitor management system also makes it quicker and simpler to locate data when needed.

The host isn’t expecting you

Your visitor has come, you have left your desk, and the receptionist is unable to locate you. Everybody has been here before, especially if you are still stuck with traditional log-based visitor registration systems. But this is no justification for keeping visitors waiting; your guests should always come first. With an advanced Visitor Management System, It is not necessary for the front desk staff to inform you in person when your guests arrive. When a guest checks in, the visitor management solution immediately sends an email and or text message to your phone. By doing this, hosts may welcome visitors at the front desk or head straight to the conference room knowing the guest is already on their way up.

Unsecure Facilities

Today, security is the primary motivation behind the majority of visitor management efforts, yet many premises are not particularly secure. Since there is no verification system in place, manual logbooks make it very easy for the information to be fabricated. There is also a potential that the next group of visitors will steal the data. Ink smears and unreadable handwriting further make it difficult to read the material. Your office building can now boast a whole new level of security thanks to a visitor management system. Your business will be able to quickly identify everyone currently present in the workplace, including any visitors. A list of everyone in the building and their current location will be available to evacuators in the event of an emergency.


Problems with your front desk may appear less urgent than difficulties with your main line of business. However, they shouldn’t be ignored considering the effect they might have on your company if not addressed. Fortunately, purchasing a digital VMS like SecuViz offers a quick fix to a variety of problems that may be bothering your front desk. Connect with us right away to simplify your front desk if you’ve been having any of the front desk troubles mentioned above or any other concerns with your visitor registration procedure.