Analytics in SecuViz


The visitor management system maintains records of all individuals that visit the location. Apart from easy retrieval of data, this also allows you to analyze the flow of visitors through your premises. The information is useful to determine days and timings when a greater number of visitors may be expected. This in turn allows for better organization and smoother functioning of the front desk.

The data of all visitors along with their check-in and check-out timings are made available through the system. Using this, various forms of reports can be created for different purposes. These reports can be used to optimize the functioning of the administration and security, and could also prove to be beneficial to various internal departments.

Commonly used types of reports include:

  • Host reports
  • Department-wise reports
  • Designation-wise reports
  • Visitor’s company/organization reports
  • Visitor’s purpose reports
  • Visits reports
  • Security reports
  • Contractor reports

By creating detailed reports, establishments can improve security at their premises. They can also be prepared with additional resources to deploy whenever a high visitor count is expected.

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