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Implementing a visitor management system for your establishment

Workplace occurrences have shown us the importance of protecting employees, visitors, and property in modern establishments. Incorporating a modern visitor management system into your organization’s overall security plan provides an added level of safety you can’t get from paper logbooks. Implementing a visitor management system can be costly if not done right and we take […]

How a Visitor Management System Can Improve Safety & Security for Workplaces

A Visitor Management System – VMS is an all singing, all dancing solution that does a lot more than manage visitors. In parallel with its impressive visitor management functions, the solution also acts as the first line of defense against potential threats, risks, and vulnerability. With physical security gaining greater strategic importance in the workplace, […]

The Importance of Visitor Pre-Registration: Tips to Get Your Organization on Board

Not so long ago, the responsibility of creating a great first visitor impression lay squarely on the shoulders of the receptionist. Today, many companies turn towards visitor management systems to improve security and create custom experiences for their visitors. Visitor pre-registration is a standout feature of visitor management that has been instrumental in transforming how […]

Creative ways to use a visitor management system

Whether it’s a corporate office, warehouse, or manufacturing facility, if you have a business that gets a lot of visitors daily, then it can be difficult to track the records of so many people manually. Therefore, implementing an efficient visitor management system should be one of your top priorities. It can help you in recording […]

What to expect from a visitor management in 2022

Are you in the market for a new visitor management system or just looking to upgrade your existing system? Look no further; we have compiled a list of features you need to check while shopping for a visitor management system that keeps up with the digital transformation age. Surely in 2022, a visitor management system […]

Visitor Management System: The Future of Modern Offices

Every commercial property manager knows that visitor management is one of the most important components of office space. As the work environment becomes more digital, visitor management systems play a crucial role and here are some of the reasons why. Flexibility One of the greatest benefits of using a visitor management system is its flexibility to organizations […]

Satisfy Regulatory Compliance With Secuviz Visitor Management System

A Visitor Management System is not just an impressive way to welcome clients and manage all visits to an commercial establishments. Having a data-backed understanding of who comes through an office door has lots of benefits including satisfying regulatory compliance. We shall look at two ways in which this can be achieved.   COVID-19 Regulation […]

How to Answer Why Do You Want to Work Remotely?

Content Health impacts due to increased hours working Can you tell me about a time when you weren’t sure how to do something? How did you go about learning to do it? Remote Job Interview Questions (Sample Answers Included) Further reading The current state of remote work Be Positive Your Productivity Guide for 2023: Mindset, […]

Visitor Management Systems for COVID Times

The world today is largely under the grip of a pandemic that was unknown to us until a few months ago. The most potent weapon of coronavirus, its high transmission rate, continues to pose the greatest threat for us. In this light, commercial sectors across the globe are seeking measures for social distancing and minimizing […]

5 Subtle Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Systems (VMS) essentially function to manage visitors, track and regulate visitor movement and restrict visitor entry to unauthorized sections of any commercial or industrial premises. Visitor management systems streamline visitor flow and allow hosts to engage in transactions without overlaps. While these are the more evident benefits of a visitor management system, there […]