Creative ways to use a visitor management system

Whether it’s a corporate office, warehouse, or manufacturing facility, if you have a business that gets a lot of visitors daily, then it can be difficult to track the records of so many people manually. Therefore, implementing an efficient visitor management system should be one of your top priorities. It can help you in recording visitor data, thereby ensuring the safety of visitors and employees and enhancing productivity. We shall highlight some creative ways to make the most out of a visitor management system for your business.

Extend security


A visitor management system serves as a complementary security checkpoint over and above other measures taken to guarantee the security of a business premise. The system creates a directory of all the visitors, their personal information, and the visit period. The operator can revisit this information in instances of a security breach ensuring all information is available when needed.

Automatic host notification


A good visitor management system offers immediate host notifications on visitor arrival and check out. After the visitor check-in process is complete, the solution sends automated notifications to the host via media of choice, i.e., SMS or email. By creating a communication channel, this feature helps to reduce visitor wait time and improves overall efficiency.  

Access control integration


The visitor check-in process is not complete until the visitor is granted access to the premises and their movement controlled. Integrating the visitor management system with access control means visitor badges can be used to allow and restrict entry. The visitor cards are then configured to access only specific areas. This is more efficient than having workers escort visitors to specific areas of the facility. 

Data analysis


Delve deep into your visitors’ data using our dynamic report generation tool . Get data such as the number of visitors, frequency of visits, peak traffic hours and average appointment durations in real-time. Such a bird’s eye view of your organization will help you fix loopholes and improve your visitors’ experience by making informed decisions.



As the host, you want the check-in process to be as fast as possible, and one of the principal features of your visitor management system should be pre-registration. From the admin portal, the host should be able to easily schedule visitors ahead of their arrival.

Visitor badges


Visitor badges not only increase on-site security but also communicate your brand. At a simple glance, staff and security can identify visitors without having to ask as visitor badges can be identified easily. Customized visitor badges that match your brand’s colours and style help instil brand identity among visitors who come to your organization.

Evacuation roll call


A reliable emergency roll call management is vital and essential in any organization. Because of the accurate record of visitors and staff in the visitor management system, evacuation efforts are much easier in case of emergencies. 

VIP alert system


The concerned staff is aptly notified as soon as an important guest checks into the system for immediate action. This notification ensures that VIP guests receive the VIP treatment they deserve, improving their impression of your organization.



The benefits of a visitor management system are immense, and this list only scratches the surface of what such a system can do to your organization and your guests’ experience. A holistic and comprehensive visitor management system like Secuviz will do wonders for your organization’s visitor experience.