What to expect from a visitor management in 2022

Are you in the market for a new visitor management system or just looking to upgrade your existing system? Look no further; we have compiled a list of features you need to check while shopping for a visitor management system that keeps up with the digital transformation age. Surely in 2022, a visitor management system should do more than just register visitors.

Improved and enhanced reporting insights


A critical component of a visitor management system is its ability to analyze visitor data comprehensively and generate reports. The system should have a real-time log of visitor activity and facility reports at its disposal. The facility manager can mine this data to identify trends and implement policies. 

Other than the obvious reason of knowing the status of visitors in the facilities for security reasons, there are other non-security benefits of reports. For example, you can also manage employees by providing pre-registered and granted accesses based on their designations.

An increased focus on user and customer experience


Your visitors are undoubtedly important to you, so it makes sense to personalize their experience, right from check-in, navigation to exit. A well-integrated, fully featured visitor management system should welcome visitors, provide directional guidance and communicate your brand.

Once the visitors have checked in, they will no longer be required to manually register at the front desk. Frequent visitors will not have to register their details each time they arrive. On the other hand, exiting is a hassle free process requiring the pass to be placed in the provided drop box. These streamlined processes will leave a positive impression while simplifying the work of front desk receptionists.



Visitor management solutions have evolved to a new paradigm of flexible integrative systems that deliver scalable solutions with ease. A visitor management system that seamlessly integrates with other independent systems such as access control is crucial—the more the integration, the more secure and functional the visitor management system. The solution can be expanded to accommodate a greater number of locations with centralized management.

Electronic document capture


New age visitor management systems should not rely on manual entry of visitor information. It should be able to aptly capture and identify visitors through a quick scan of legal documents. Document scanning not only slashes the time required to register new and returning visitors but also replaces paper logs while offering better traceability.

Electronically scanning identification documents makes identification and verification of visitors effortless. It further simplifies the tracking of guests and the generation of comprehensive reports.

Host notification


A modern visitor management system offers multiple customizable notification options. Notification can be in the form of texts, or email depending on preference, and all this is customizable from the admin’s portal. This notification contains identification information, of the visitor’s and purpose of their visit

Notifying the host of their visitor’s arrival allows for a more personalized reception. This personalization translates to a great visitor experience and more satisfied guests.

Data Protection 


There are many features and benefits offered by visitor management solutions. However, with privacy legislation gaining currency in the last couple of years, a fundamental consideration for modern visitor management systems is data protection. Both traditional paper-based and digital visitor management solutions store confidential information on every guest who arrives on-site, meaning there is a degree of responsibility placed upon organizations to ensure the safe storage of data.



There are many benefits that you can unlock using a smart visitor management system. Secuviz visitor management system provides you with the future ready customized solution you need to propel your organization to unprecedented heights. Talk to a Secuviz expert today and commence 2022 with a future ready visitor management system.