The Importance of Visitor Pre-Registration: Tips to Get Your Organization on Board

Not so long ago, the responsibility of creating a great first visitor impression lay squarely on the shoulders of the receptionist. Today, many companies turn towards visitor management systems to improve security and create custom experiences for their visitors.

Visitor pre-registration is a standout feature of visitor management that has been instrumental in transforming how businesses interact with their visitors. Let us delve deeper and explore the role pre-registration plays in ensuring a smooth and compliant visitor experience.


Importance of Visitor Pre-Registration


Avoid confusion upon your visitors’ arrival


As a host, pre-registration provides an ocean of opportunities to arrest the common confusion that accompanies first visits. By pre-booking appointments, it ensures that there is clarity on the visitor’s mind as to when and where they are expected, clarifications can be sought in advance. Such useful information will help substantially improve your relationship with new and repeat visitors as they are also likely to feel at ease when they know what to expect.


Prepare for upcoming visits


Your visitors will never catch you off guard, with a central dashboard that details all upcoming and ongoing visits. Pre-registration ensures that organizations are on top of things by enabling team members to prepare appropriately for each guest. An appointment portal facilitates a streamlined and customized visitor experience.


Reduce wait times at the front desk


Many people cite average wait times and check-in times as important factors when visiting a facility. This is pushing many businesses to tap into technology such as pre-registration to manage available resources and keep wait times as low as possible.

With visitor pre-registration, facilities are able to reduce the check-in process to a simple streamlined process. All the visitor needs to do is to identify themselves, and all the relevant appointment details will pop up. This significantly speeds up and improves the efficiency of the visitor registration process.


More personalized customer service


Want to impress and delight your guests during, before and after their appointment? Curate a memorable customer experience by perfectly combining human touch and technology to deliver the best visitor management using data from the pre-registration process. From a personalized email confirming their appointment to notification alerts and a personable lobby experience, the options are endless for creating a custom visitor experience.


Tips to Get Your Organization on Board


Use the Right Tools


Empower your staff with the right tools to efficiently uphold your desired visitor management standards. Implement a visitor management solution that not only increases efficiency but is also easy to use; A user-friendly visitor management solution with a reduced number of steps results in higher rates of compliance.


Communicate Effectively


Communicate visitor registration procedures early and often so that your employees and visitors alike are always informed on what is expected of them. Provide your visitors with a step by step guide on how to go about the pre-registration process, send concise emails to outline the requirements for incoming visitors. Also worth implementing is a communication strategy to help your employees be better prepared when hosting visitors.


Identify and train team members


Depending on your business model and the complexity of your reception, the front office desk staff may be a more natural fit for pre-registration coordinator. Equip them with exceptional customer service, as well as competency with your pre-registration software.

The pre-registration coordinator’s responsibilities include;


  • Scheduling appointments and providing visitors with a copy of the appointment date and time, parking instructions and directions
  • Help with appointment rescheduling and transfers
  • Informing guests on items to carry during appointments such as national identification cards and passport
  • Obtaining accurate and complete visitor information
  • Answering questions about the registration process
  • Guiding visitors through the registration process


Automate as much of the process as possible


You know what they say; automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. Your pre-registration coordinator should not have to spend time scanning pre-registration forms to input them into another system later when they can just fill in online forms. Additionally, you might consider automation of reminder notifications about booked appointment




Visitor management systems have a magnitude of features, and pre-registration is just the tip of the iceberg. However, it is one of the core features with the power to deliver a 360-degree transformation of your visitor experiences. Whether it is through an unplanned walk-in or a pre-planned appointment, you can streamline each visitor’s data points with Secuviz’s safe, secure, and efficient visitor management system.