Integrate your Visitor Management System With Access Control Solution

Many organizations purchased their first Visitor Management System as a replacement for a paper visitor logbook that had failed to meet compliance requirements. However, as the volume of visitors, contractors, and vendors rises, standalone solutions often have difficulty fulfilling expanding safety, security, and compliance requirements. Whilst visitor management systems and access control solutions are disparate systems, they are intrinsically complementary technologies whose integrations can prove useful for organizations seeking to adopt a holistic approach to site security. In this article, we will unpack the benefits of integrating Visitor Management and Physical Access Control Systems to increase operational efficiency and on-site security.

Provide temporary access to different types of visitors

Your organization likely has numerous visitors who come for various purposes. For example, you might have a client visiting for a meeting, a contractor working on a project, and a delivery person dropping off a package, all at the same time. Each needs straightforward, effortless access, but you'll want to allow or restrict their access to entirely different areas. A visitor management system can categorize visitors, making it easy and secure to sign in through a single point. Your predetermined visit types can automatically determine their points of access and communication procedure.

Better security

System integration facilitates the automation of clearances and access levels for visitors; this could be determined by the visitor’s category, the location of the host, or the destination. Moreover, the visitor’s badge can incorporate the access credential to automatically bar access so visitors don’t necessitate an escort. In addition, if the visitor neglects to turn in the access badge, the card can be automatically deactivated remotely.

Eliminate security gaps

Manual processes that are inefficient and time-consuming, and data systems that aren’t integrated, are more than just an annoyance – they can result in more significant issues. One significant problem related to this approach is the security vulnerabilities that can result from human error. By using integrated visitor management solutions rather than stand-alone systems, organizations can free themselves from the struggles of managing a large number of locations and people. By integrating access control and visitor management, visit processes can be automated; and they can encompass not only visitors but also full-time employees. This integrated visitor management system reduces pressure on reception staff, saves employee time and frustration, and provides a more professional and frictionless experience for guests.

Improved audit

The integration of a visitor management system and an access control system provides administrators with oversight of visitors and the access points they visit. This enhances management and planning capabilities and creates improved audit trails. With this integration, records in the access control system cardholder database will include visitor details from the visitor management system. This provides a lot more information for each visit record.

Multi-site management:

Need an overview of your visitors on multiple sites? Integrating visitor management software with an access control system saves you time and effort, presenting a real-time picture of what’s happening in each building in one dashboard. This allows you to update and optimize the scheduling of security personnel work assignments, and evaluate parking needs. In addition, integration allows you to gather and compare data for various buildings in different locations and better manage the whole portfolio from one central location.

Give your visitors a great first impression

Nothing says “basic” more than a handwritten ID badge and a security guard that escorts you through every entrance and exit. Take your company image to the next level with custom ID badges and a secure visitor management system that works seamlessly with an access control system. Your front desk is the first chance you have to make an impression on guests, including new hires, clients and VIP guests, so it is essential that you look as professional as possible from the outset!

Reduced security cost

Is it necessary to have security guarding every entrance and exit in your facility? This is especially relevant when you manage a portfolio of buildings, and all costs must be considered. The integration of a visitor management system with your access control infrastructure addresses these issues. Full automation of door openings allows your security to centrally manage traffic. This remote control of multiple sites and entrances eliminates the need for security personnel at every entry and exit, reducing operational costs and increasing work efficiency at the same time.


You don’t have to use a stand-alone visitor management system that doesn’t communicate with your other security systems. You’ll get more value out of the solution if you integrate it with other systems such as access control. The integration with the access control system guarantees that every visitor has access that is safe, secure and compliant with their visit. This also enhances resource productivity, lowers costs and improves security and compliance outcomes. Secuviz will design a solution around your existing infrastructure while introducing the right mix of technology to meet your security needs.