Myths About Visitor Management Systems (VMS)

Visitor management systems are increasingly becoming a common sight in the workplace today. While businesses of diverse complexities and sizes are enjoying its benefits, such as convenience, better security, and cost-saving, misinformation and myths still stand in the way of further adoption.

We understand your scepticism about visitor management systems, so we have set out to ease your doubts by debunking some of the myths surrounding the very idea of implementing a visitor management system. Here are some of the myths and the truths behind them.


VMS creates unemployment

A justifiable concern for many people is that VMS could eliminate valuable receptionist staff and feed into the growing unemployment crisis. In reality, visitor management systems are even more beneficial when paired with a live front desk staff. Instead of viewing it as a replacement for a human role, businesses should treat VMS as a tool that optimizes workflows and supports a dynamic front desk experience. Automating mundane routine tasks frees receptionists, letting them focus on creating a comfortable experience. 


The data is not secure.

Visitor management systems are extremely secure when compared to traditional paper-based visitor check-in. While digital check-in forms safely collect and store visitor details, paper-based visitor logs are a security nightmare; they are more predisposed to breaches, theft, damage, and human error. The right VMS’s inbuilt compliance helps your business to comply with security and privacy regulations while helping your visitors feel welcome. In addition, VMS’ rarely collects sensitive and confidential visitor information like bank details or medical history. Instead, they collect harmless but useful information like names, visiting reasons, and perhaps an ID scan.


VMS are difficult to use

The idea of complex software and hardware may threaten someone new to the notion of a visitor management system. However, visitor management systems are surprisingly easy to set up and operate on your existing computer. Businesses that source our services for a visitor management system are usually amazed at how quickly their receptionists get acquainted with them with minimal training. This speaks to the user-centricity and sheer ease of use of the Secuviz visitor management system. 


VMS are for big businesses

Small businesses that still cling to their beloved manual visitor logbooks often see a digital VMS as an extravagance reserved only for the big and mighty. They are often overwhelmed by the sight of ID scanners, computers, servers etc. However, in reality, a flexible VMS can be scaled to suit any business regardless of size. Organizations can start small with VMS software installed in the existing reception computer and upgrade as traffic and visitor requirements increase.

Investing in a visitor management system is a smart investment for all-sized companies when you look at the gains it brings to the business. As visitors become more accustomed to modern visitor check-in’s efficiency and convenience, they will likely look down upon companies that maintain pen and paper processes. The frictionless, tailored experience may lead to impressed critical business partners, happier customers, and even happier employees, thus driving your business forward.


VMS are impersonal

Hospitality is often associated with friendly receptionists with ear-to-ear smiles, not computer screens and visitor badges. At the expense of sounding contradictory, a visitor management system does, in fact, contribute to a more personalized experience. It solidifies the visitor experience by allowing your guests to quickly connect to the human side of your organization and brand in seconds. An efficient and agile check-in experience beats a smiling receptionist with painfully long check-in times.


VMS is only meant for security

Most people conjecture that visitor management is synonymous with building security. While there is no denying that many threats come from visitants, and a VMS helps combat the risks by keeping track of every visitor, a VMS does a lot more than improve security at your premise. Among its perks is the positive experience it creates for your guests. By making the check-in process seamless and pleasant, VMS creates a lasting grand experience that reflects the overall efficiency of your business.



While many VMS have the same goals and offer the basic features, fully-fledged VMS like SecuViz offer the entire package your organization needs to streamline the end-to-end visitor experience. At SecuViz, we’re in the business of helping organizations of all sizes implement seamless and secure access to their workplace. With built-in compliance, simple design and exemplary support, it is time for your businesses to overcome these myths about VMS and leverage the capabilities of SecuViz to streamline your operations. Schedule a demo with us and keep your workplace productive and visitor friendly.