Satisfy Regulatory Compliance With Secuviz Visitor Management System

A Visitor Management System is not just an impressive way to welcome clients and manage all visits to an commercial establishments. Having a data-backed understanding of who comes through an office door has lots of benefits including satisfying regulatory compliance. We shall look at two ways in which this can be achieved.


COVID-19 Regulation Compliance


Most businesses have had to stay in touch with an evolving set of rules and restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visitor records have played an important role in demonstrating compliance with the Ministry of Health protocols. Here are examples of how visitor management systems can help with such compliance.

  • Visitor records can be used to show that a building did not exceed maximum occupancy limits
  • Such a solution keeps a records of who came in and out of the office and this information could be used for contact tracing purposes.


Data Protection Act of 2019


Kenya enacted a data privacy and protection law, named the Data Protection Act of 2019 (the DPA). The DPA guarantees every individual’s right to privacy especially Personally Identifiable Information otherwise known as (PII).

Organizations that still use physical visitor registration books, run the risk of exposing personal visitor details to other visitors. This is obviously problematic with the introduction of the DPA as it is very hard to guarantee the privacy of visitor data .




The Secuviz Visitor Management System can help organisations to achieve compliance, whilst improving the visitor management processes. With our solution, all components of the visitor management system can be connected over a secure network, for safe data collection and storage.