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PDM Digital Security & Visitor Management is Managed by Reliance Solutions Kenya Limited


PDM is an East African real estate company that has pioneered innovative developments in Kenya for over 50 years. It has helped shape the direction of real estate trends in the country by pursuing a philosophy of developing properties that serve an economic purpose and that also uplift the quality of life for the community.

Headquarters are based in Kenya but the firm operates across the entire East African region. PDM is a developer and provider of advisory and consultancy, project management, and property and facilities management services.

There landmark developments in Kenya include the IPS Building, which was the first high-rise building in Nairobi, and the prestigious Nation Centre, set in the heart of the city’s Central Business District. PDM also developed the award winning Courtyard along General Mathenge Drive, Westlands and the DTB Centre in Kampala, which stands out as one of the company’s most iconic developments.

Challenges Faced

IPS Building and Nation Center is in the heart of Central Business District. Since the facility was in CBD. There were huge numbers visitors Like Salesman, Hawkers, vendors or contractors use to visit the premises. With no way of tracking these individuals the security threats were clear.


PDM approached Reliance Solutions Kenya Ltd for the Solutions , We Reliance proposed them our flagship product - Visitor Management Software VMS, – an intelligent visitor management software that helps you to manage your visitors and maintain their records efficiently. Gone are the days when you have to take down the details of all the visitors using the traditional - book and pen method. Its time to get smart and move on!

VMS offers a host features that not only simplify taking records of the visitors visiting your premises, but also offers;

  1. 1. Simplified registration through the latest OCR technology which eliminates the need to type in the details.
  2. 2 Smart Search feature to trace the date day and time of the visitor that may have visited the place.
  3. 3. Easy integration with access control system to ensure a secure entry for all the visitors.
  4. 4. Pre Appointment booking for ease of access of known visitors
  5. 5. Multiple reports to analyze the flow of visitors

Once the Visitor ID CARD / PHOTO ID document is Scanned using our latest OCR technologyin at the front desk, capturing vital visitation details. Visitors are then issued visitor badge to be worn and visible at all times.


The system has been highly instrumental in keeping track of visitors at all points of access including Front Desk, Security Base, Building Primises , Facilities. The solution has been well received by the administration, security and volunteers (heaviest volume of use) are extremely pleased with the results.

Muthaiga Country Club (MCC)

The Muthaiga Country Club (MCC), established in 1915 in the colonial era has a rich history and is one of the oldest and most famous social clubs in Kenya. It is situated in the Muthaiga suburb, about a 15 minute drive from the city center, which is host to several consulates and embassies. Besides being a place for social gatherings for the upper crust of society, it also offers accommodations for members and non members.

Challenges Faced

Given the fact that the club is frequently visited by a wide variety of people and high profile guests, the club wanted to implement a stringent and precise Visitor Management System(VMS). Since the requirements were quite unique and challenging the integrated software needed to be designed with the utmost care and attention, ensuring a user-friendly system completely in line with the specifications of the club.


SecuViz provided MCC with state of the art Visitor Management System to regulate and track the entry and exit of visitors in the club premises.

The VMS provided is integrated with electronic systems software for the encoding of the cards, developed by Gunnebo, a leader in its field. The said integrations help the club to use the VMS as their single platform for enrolling, encoding and issuance of cards. Further, the VMS is also compatible with DataCard printers for the issuance of cards so each visitor is presented with a visitors ID on arrival. The VMS helps the club to enroll its visitors, encode them in and issue cards all from a single platform!

    The one of a kind VMS for MCC features:
  1. 1.Faster logging in of visitors
  2. 2.Receive notifications when guests have arrived
  3. 3.Easy creation and storage of records
  4. 4.Easy integration with access control system
  5. 5.Enhanced security enabling selective access for visitors

Furthermore, features such a pre booked guest entry, event management and dual authentication have enabled the club to achieve their much sort after goal of regulating movement within and out of the club.