How a Visitor Management System Can Improve Safety & Security for Workplaces

A Visitor Management System – VMS is an all singing, all dancing solution that does a lot more than manage visitors. In parallel with its impressive visitor management functions, the solution also acts as the first line of defense against potential threats, risks, and vulnerability. With physical security gaining greater strategic importance in the workplace, visitor management systems are playing a central role in enhancing safety and security.

Explore innovative ways of using a VMS to complement your existing security strategy in this article.


Real-time notifications and alerts


Modern visitor management systems have empowered hosts with more control, thanks to approval rights to accept or deny the admission of visitors. Immediately after a visitor checks in, automatic notification to the host is triggered with specific details of the visitor in question. This way, whether you are on-site or away from the office, you are aware when someone shows up, allowing you to take appropriate action. This is great in deterring unwelcome or malicious visitors.


Visitor ID badges


Traditional employee key cards and paper visitors compromise the security of your premise because they are easy to misplace, misuse, and tamper with. Visitors can easily duplicate or even use the cards multiple times without discovery.

Modern visitor management systems like SecuViz gives each visitor a unique ID badge that cannot be tampered with. These cards are configured through the visitor management software to access specific areas only at a certain time frame. Therefore, they cannot be used by the visitor to access the area after a lapse of their time limit.


Emergency evacuation and response


The secret of crisis management is not good vs bad; it is preventing the bad from getting worse. Panicky and haphazard evacuations only escalate the crisis further. In case of an inevitable, security can instantly access the visitor management system for a roll call view. This, in turn, provides them with a checklist to ensure a systematic and successful evacuation.

Time and response matter during an active crisis; thus, sending a security alert to active visitors could be critical to their safety. Integrating your visitor management system with a crisis management system will greatly enhance security in your workforce.


Creates watchlists


Due to valid security reasons, not every visitor is welcome on the premises. This calls for a sieving mechanism for unwanted and welcome visitors, and what better way to achieve this than with an electronic watchlist? A watchlist contains the information of undesired visitors and cross-references them against new guests during check-in. In the event of unauthorized access, the visitor management system will relay an alarm to the operator, and the visitor is aptly denied access to the building.

For multiple sites, a solution can be installed in all the branches and linked to a central hub for watchlist information. This means that anyone placed on the watchlist is automatically unwelcomed in all the branches. Such an approach enhances workplace security across your entire network of business locations.


Efficiently monitor multiple entry and exit points


It is not unheard of for large premises to have more than a single entry and exit point. In such scenarios, tracking the ingress and egress of visitors and employees can be a challenge without a proper visitor management system. Visitors can easily slip in and out of the premises undetected.

As a property manager, the safety and security of all the tenants, employees and visitors hinge on your ability to manage the multiple exits and entrances successfully and centrally. With a resourceful dashboard for visitor tracking and management throughout the building, you will be able to monitor all entry and exit points from one portal.


Visibility of visitor activity in real-time


A visitor management system gives property managers a real-time, holistic view of visitor check-in, check-out, visit durations and much more. Visitors’ entry, stay, and exit is constantly monitored, and live access to the data is made available. This data is very important in making proactive security-related decisions and threat tracing.




Unlike paper-based visitor books, digital visitor management solutions provide a quick and convenient audit trail, such as how many visitors checked in and where and who they visited. Accessing such data manually on traditional visitor logs would be time consuming and cumbersome. Comprehensive and on-demand reporting from visitor management systems can prove valuable during investigations in case of security breach.


Integration with access control systems


Synchronizing visitor and employee details with your building’s access control system provides a safe, quick, and convenient means of visitor and employee sign in. Visitors are issued with unique access cards during check in. The assigned card number is recorded in the system and pushed to the access control infrastructure. Access levels can be preset and limited from the visitor management system’s portal.




Guaranteeing the maximum security achievable for your business premises, employees, and guests should always be a primary concern for every administration. And implementing the right tools and strategies could be your first step in the right direction. A viable Visitor management

system Like SecuViz has the potential to protect your premise from possible security breaches while increasing work efficiency and productivity. Implement SecuViz today and invest in a security process that makes your employees and guests feel safe.