Visitor Management System: Looking Ahead

In the last decade, visitor management systems have evolved to incorporate enhanced usability, improved visitor experience and advanced technology. However, the journey is far from over; each of these aspects themselves has scope for further upgrading and advancement.

Additionally, changing scenarios demand additional technological modifications and software inclusions for improved data security and business compliance, with out shifting focus from visitor experience.

The decade ahead will look to include the above aspects in visitor management systems while striving to remain fluid to accommodate any other changes that changing business scenarios may warrant. Here is what to look for in future visitor management systems:

1. Data Security and Privacy

With increasing integration, open networks and multiple data platforms,data security is becoming a serious concern. Likewise, sharing personal data is also viewed with certain levels of apprehension and hesitation.

A comprehensive visitor management system eliminates the need for open records and manual logbook data at front desks, and replaces them with secure on-cloud data platforms. Only authorized personnel can access these data thereby assuring visitors of data confidentiality.

2. Overall Visitor Experience

Visitor experience forms the backbone of your business, especially in sectors like corporate hospitality, where a sophisticated visitor management system is a sign of professionalism.

Right from the front desk, visitors expect hassle-free, quick interactions. This is where an advanced visitor management system steps in to the aid of front desk personnel.Visitor management systems streamline the visitor registration process through ID card scanning, quick photo capture, etc. Repeat visitors need not share data multiple times as the system stores their data for future visits. A feature-rich visitor management system also notifies the host about the visitor