Visitor Management Systems for COVID Times

The world today is largely under the grip of a pandemic that was unknown to us until a few months ago. The most potent weapon of coronavirus, its high transmission rate, continues to pose the greatest threat for us. In this light, commercial sectors across the globe are seeking measures for social distancing and minimizing crowds at business spaces.

Owing to the high likelihood of transmission due toclose contact in COVID-19, healthcare directives and government mandates indicate the need for contact tracing in addition to social distancing as a measure to curb the spread. Studies on coronavirus indicate that effective contact tracing and subsequent quarantining significantly decreases the rate of spread.

If your business involves regular visitor movement, switching from a pen-and-paper visitor entry system to a software-based visitor management system (VMS) is of utmost importance, especially in these COVID times. Here is how VMS can help your business in social distancing and contact tracing:

  1. No-contact Visitor Registration

Shifting to a visitor management systemensures visitors have minimal or zero contact at the front desk compared to a conventional and pen-and-paper system. Since front desk employees feed visitor details in the VMS, there is no risk of multiple visitors touching and using the same stationery – logbook, pen, etc.

With a VMS, employees too can avoid touching surfaces that visitors have touched and maintain necessary distance during interactions.

  1. Pre-booked Appointments

One way to minimize crowds in your waiting area is to set up staggered appointments. A visitor management system allows you to do just that, with the ‘pre-book’ appointments feature.

By scheduling visitors in advance, front desk employees can anticipate visitor timings and plan accordingly to reduce waiting and crowds.

  1. Visitor Contact Details for Contact Tracing

With anadvanced visitor management system,front desk employees can collect, record and store multiple visitor details –visitor’s name,date andtime of visit, purpose and duration of visit, host name, etc.Additionally, details regarding the visitor’s contact details can also be recorded and retrieved easily.

A visitor feels more comfortable sharing personal details on a secure cloud-based system rather than in an open logbook – another plus of VMS. These visitor data can aid compliance, and more importantly, in the eventuality of a positive case being identified in your business premises, can help in contact tracing.

  1. Customization

Easy customization of VMS is possible to include fields to assess if a visitor is coming from an infected area or hotspot, as a further precautionary measure. Customization is also possible based on the industry in which your business functions.

Switching to the new normal during these COVID times can be a daunting task. We can assist with a feature-rich visitor management system that allows smooth integration and easy customization for your workplace visitor flow.