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Unlike traditional means of managing visitors, SecuViz provides automated solutions for visitor management.

Features of SecuViz include:

Customized modules

  • Different organizations have different visitor management mandates. SecuViz allows you to personalize your VMS system as per your requirement.
  • Pre-booked appointments

  • Appointments can be created and managed with utmost ease. If visitors pre-share the requisite data, SecuViz can create a visitor pass in advance!
  • Visitor notification

  • Receive your guests personally! Hosts can choose to receive notifications on their email and mobiles when a visitor logs in. The notifications contain the visitor’s photograph for easy identification.
  • Data retrieval

  • Allow repeat visitors and those with prior appointments a quick and hassle-free check in experience. Once the visitor data is fed into the system, the system can automatically retrieve the data during the next visit.
  • Access control

  • Increase the security of your premises by restricting visitor access. Access cards can be programmed to offer select access based on the purpose of visit.
  • Report generation

  • Collect and analyze visitor logs on the go. All visitor data can be easily retrieved and used to create a variety of insightful reports.
  • Data security

  • Keep your visitor data confidential. All components of the visitor management system are connected over a secure network, for safe data collection and storage.
  • Emergency notifications

  • Ensure the safety of all those present in the location. Emergency messages can be broadcasted over the system to reach all members’ personal devices.
  • 2-point authentication

  • Prevent the security risks of inconsistent data. Visitors are required to furnish their mobile number, which is verified using the one time,authentication key and ID proof for authentication, resulting in the creation of accurate and traceable records. The system can also be equipped with a webcam to take a picture of the visitor during the check-in process.
  • In addition to these standards features and benefits,SecuViz can be customized to offer unique features as per your organizational policy.

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